Frank Harrison
Global Research Lead, Data Sciences Practice, Publicis Media
“One of the most incredible things about the Market ContactAudit® is that it is actually becoming more relevant and valuable over time…
(…) The growth of the internet and the growth of the number of contacts that brands have with consumers is escalating and we have a greater need now more than ever to have a product that gives us comparative data across all of these contact points. (…) Something else is that this methodology is totally relevant in every single country in the world and every single category in the world and I find this astonishing. We’ve been able to run projects in really small countries, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, (…) as well as in the biggest countries and for any category, B2B, B2C.”
Les Buckley
Affiliate Professor/Program Director, Singapore Management University
Ex-Regional Director, Asia Pacific Breweries
“We really found the MCA® to be most important to us during the crisis post SARS in 2003 – 2004…
In that period, APB Singapore lost money for the first time in our 70 years' history.
We used the Market ContactAudit® to really understand the connections between our brands and our consumers. We had to significantly reduce our investment but in a targeted way and we were able to then grow share and as we refocused our marketing spend we were able to grow the market, grow our share and significantly grow result and profitability.
W H Cho
Executive Vice President, Hyundai Motor Company
Hyundai’s global brand slogan is “New Thinking, New Possibilities”
BXG’s spirit of constant innovation is very much aligned to our own corporate values. It is remarkable to note that our long standing business association (…) is testimony to the strong partnership that has been established between our respective teams.
Arnaud Charpentier
Sales Director, Nissan West Europe
“The communication, the way we invest in the advertising industry, has always been very dark, not very rocket science. Thanks to MCA®! I think we have a much better view of what we’re doing and how to monitor our communication…
(…) It is very different from anything that I’ve been in touch with until now.
MCA® is really a fully integrated tool with a 360 communication approach. So that’s why we’ve been very fast to decide to apply this methodology to Nissan.
Stephanie Matterson
Managing Director, KLA
“The MCA/System provides a robust set of metrics enabling a clear and well-motivated direction for clients…
The suite of tools enables multiple layers of insights and are instrumental in helping clients identify and understand their marketing challenges as well as the opportunities they face. Our clients have valued the definitive choices MCA/System affords in an area where dealing with the greyness of complexity is often the norm.
Dr. Ted Chan
Founder and Managing Director, N-Dynamic Consulting
“Our firm has enjoyed a long partnership with us. Most recently we have imbedded the MCA® System into a market sizing and consumer segmentation analysis for a global automotive brand seeking to expand into China…
The MCA/System integrated approach provides a fact-based and comprehensive frame of analysis that ensured our client had all the necessary information to launch their new product line. We are now preparing for the 3rd and 4th phases of this MCA®-augmented assignment which will allow us to continuously measure the effectiveness and efficiency of our client’s marketing efforts throughout China.
As a result of this collaboration, we have certainly deepened our client relationship and secured new opportunities for recurrent engagements with one of our most important global clients.

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Asia Pacific Case Study

The Challenges of
Integrated Communications
in Pharma Marketing

The biopharmaceutical industry knows it has to re-shape its marketing to meet changing customer needs, increasingly restricted access to prescribers and growing financial pressures. This article discusses the challenges and suggests a way forward, using our Market Contact Audit (MCA®) tool.

The MCA® Unifying Measurment Currency: Global Footprint



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Since 1994, more than 170 companies have used the MCA® measurment unifying single currency around the world, with a number of global clients deploying it right across their networks.

The marketing audits total more than 35,406 brands among 2.3 million consumers across 523 categories, 90 markets and 40 languages.

Overall these fall in B2C sectors such as FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Services, Durables as well as in B2B sectors.

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