Global Beauty Retailer

Rapid performance improvement post acquisition by a new corporate owner

  • Situation: The client had recently been acquired by new owners and required a rapid EBITDA improvement from both top-line growth and cost savings
  • Role / Results: MCA® was implemented and immediate results delivered, The company was able to identify the route to return to growth by re-aligning communications strategy to reach core consumers in the most influential contacts. It provided the company with the budget requirements to fully support this program and identified the source of funds needed. They established that 31% of marketing spending was allocated to poor performing and non-essential activities. This provided a substantial contribution to the bottom line, and ensured funds could be re-directed to meet growth objectives.

Global Tobacco Company

Need to step change performance in Next Generation Products

  • Situation: The client faced a twin challenge of establishing a winning position is a fast evolving category, and re-setting the cost of customer acquisition and retention to ensure long term profitability
  • Role / Results: MCA® data provided a clear framework for understanding consumer needs and category challenges as they evolved. It ensured the balance between brand building and sales activation was understood and that priorities were set to support both. It provided a way to understand the contribution of activities that were regarded as important but ‘impossible’ to measure, and showed the marketing team how to link activities to maximise the consumer journey.